April – July 2017

OACBS Projects/Board

OACBS Board Elections 2017

Welcome to our newly elected members of the board:

Shadee Hardy – President Elect

Jill Corvelli – Student Representative

And thank you to Brian Thompson, who steps down as Past-President, for his considerable service to the OACBS community in the past 3 years.

Non-Profit Status

It’s official. Through the efforts of Brian Thompson (Past-President), Melissa Soll (Treasurer) and other board members past and present, the IRS has granted OACBS the status of nonprofit 501c6. We can now open a bank account.

ACBS Updates and Listserv Nuggets

Our Common Humanity – The Movie

A beautiful offering posted by Rikke Kjelgaard:

“Inspired by and with bold and heartfelt contributions from my mentors, fellow trainers and trainees I have put together this movie that demonstrates our common humanity.”

Click here for link to movie

No Buddha Pill

A post by Joseph Ciarrochi, recommending an article recently published from Baljinder Sahdra and colleagues (including Joseph).

“This article… shows that you can’t just think of mindfulness in “more” or “less” terms, i.e., more is good, less is bad. Mindfulness is no single thing or buddha pill that magically cures everything, as some pop books would have you believe.”

Sahdra, B.Ciarrochi, J., Parker, P., Basarkod, G., Bradshaw, E., Baer, R. (2017) . Are people mindful in different ways? Disentangling the quantity and quality of mindfulness in latent profiles and exploring their links to mental health and life effectiveness. European Journal of Personality.

ACT-friendly Mobile Apps

Original post by John Davis: “What apps have members found useful in the practice of ACT?”

Donna Read posted: Headspace, ACT Coach, ACT Companion, Buddify 2, Voice Changer, Songify. And followed up with: Sleep Well, Be Grounded, ACT 1 Values, Act 2 Control, Act 3 Defusion, ACT   Willingness, ACT: You as Context

Michael Levin posted: “we have a running list of available ACT-relevant mobile apps as part of our ACTing with Technology SIG website resources”

Terry Shott posted: calm.com

Roger Viladargo posted: mindfulness daily, and T2 Mood Tracker

Benji Schoendorff posted: T2 Mood Tracker, to track toward and away moves on the matrix.

Megan Oser posted: “Breathe2Relax (great for teaching diaphragmatic breathing and it’s free), Headspace, ACT Coach, ACT companion, T2 Mood tracker, Moodlytics for mood and activity monitoring, and ‘Stop, Breathe, and Think’ (mindfulness app), and Mindfulness Coach. To help promote/clarify values, I’ve used ‘Gratitude journal’ by HapperTapper. One of my clients really liked SimplyBeing – another mindfulness app.”

Choice Point 2.0 –

An updated primer from Russ Harris sharing this “useful clinical metaphor”, and a subsequent thread providing additional clarification on its differences with the matrix.

Books on Grief and Loss

Original post by Suzanne Strisik, asking for ACT consistent book recommendations for grief and loss.

Suzanne Bates posted: Grieving Mindfully: A Compassionate & Spiritual Guide to Coping with Loss by Kumar; and How to Survive the Loss of a Love by McWilliams, Bloomfield & Cosgrove

Jennifer Laing posted: Reality Slap by Russ Harris

Julie Hamilton posted: Mindfulness and Grief by Heather Stang

Thomas Holmes posted: A Buddhist Grief Observed by Guy Newman

Martin Brock shared he is in the process of writing a book, and suggested materials from Compassion-Focused Therapy

Upcoming Professional Training

The opportunities listed below may be of interest to OACBS members. Please note, these events are not necessarily endorsed by OACBS and the information is simply provided as a convenience to members. If you know of any CBS-related training events in our area that you’d like announced in the next newsletter, please e-mail that information to Member At Large, Tim Wright.

ACT Webinars – from Praxis – Sign Up By August 7th

“Get 14 premier ACT trainings at a 54% discount—from the comfort of your own desk. Up to 28 CE available.

Praxis CET’s ACT webinar season pass is now available—save 54% when you buy a pass for the whole season now. Your local ACBS chapter will receive a $30 donation for each pass sold via the links in this email. So you can help the chapter and access premier ACT training at the same time.

This season focuses on clinical skills—the behavior we do in session with our clients. The series will explore our most difficult clinical situations, from using stimulus control to yield better assessment and formulation of client problems to advanced tips from practitioners with specialties in areas of complex trauma, behavioral medicine, and more. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • Steve Hayes discussing how to redirect the energy inside psychological inflexibility for better therapeutic outcomes
  • Russ Harris will do a training on Getting Unstuck with ACT
  • Kelly Wilson discussing stimulus control and the core characteristics of behaviorism
  • Joanne Steinwachs and Tim Gordon explore how to use ACT with complex cases
  • Niklas Torneke is even doing a bonus webinar this season on metaphor in practice
  • And more…

There are 14 episodes in all. CE is available for every hour you attend live.

The series kicks off August 8. However, the season pass discount will only be available until August 7. Only 100 seats are available. Seats are going very quickly. So make sure you secure your spot now!

Learn more and register here.”

* A Note from OACBS Board: If you use this link to register, OACBS will receive $30 per registrant, to put towards future OACBS expenses.

September 2017

From Jason Luoma: “Just a heads up that there’s an interesting workshop in Seattle coming up in September that some of you may be interested in that combines ACT and FAP ideas to help therapists address racism and bias.”

Location: Seattle, Washington; Dates: September 15-17, 2017

Presenters: Drs. Jonathan Kanter, Monica Williams, and Dan Rosen

October 2017

ACT anxiety researcher and University of Albany, SUNY professor John Forsyth, PhD, the author of several ACT books, will be offering with his wife, Jamie, two 1-day training in October, 2017.

OACBS Member News

Call Out to Students!

Your new Student Representative Jill Corvelli would love to hear from the OACBS student community, to find out how best to support your needs. Please email (2catharsis@gmail.com) with any thoughts and suggestions.

New OACBS Members

Welcome to our newest OACBS members. We look forward to your participation in our community!

Lyssi Brady
David Casey
Cameron Haynes
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