April/May 2015

Welcome to our third OACBS newsletter! If you have feedback about the newsletter, would like to contribute information, or would like to help prepare the newsletter, please contact Meghan Marty, PhD, OACBS Member-at-Large.

OACBS Board Elections – May 2015

We’d like to ask you to consider joining us as we take our Chapter to the next level. Recently, Jenna sent out a listserv message officially calling for nominations to the OACBS Board for the positions of President-Elect and Student Representative. Please consider running for one of these positions. Self-nominations and candidates from across the state are encouraged. It’s a great group of people and a wonderful opportunity to serve the ACBS community. If you are interested or would like to nominate a fellow OACBS member, please contact OACBS President, Jenna LeJeune, PhD. And thanks!

On-going OACBS Projects

ACT Study Groups

We’ve had a fantastic response to OACBS’ first round of ACT/CBS study groups! There are currently 5 study groups running, 2 on-line and 3 in-person, each focused on reading and discussing a specific ACT or CBS-related book. Thank you so much to the group leaders for being willing to serve as hosts for this first round of study groups! If you are interested in possibly hosting a future study group, please contact Jenna LeJeune, PhD.

Student Outreach

Just a reminder that OACBS has created a listserv just for graduate students! Our aim is to create a safe space for students to discuss ACT and RFT-related issues amongst themselves. We’d like to thank OACBS members Paul Guinther, PhD and Sandy Bushberg, PhD for agreeing to be moderators. To join, send an email to our Google Group. Please note: this listserv is for students only. If you would like to be involved in student outreach, please contact Jesse Burrell, MA.

OACBS Website

We are continuing to develop a website for OACBS. A special thanks to OACBS member Fred Kane, MDiv who is generously volunteering his time and skills to help put this project into place. If you would like to be involved in the website development project, please contact Scott Rower, PhD.

Upcoming Trainings

The opportunities listed below may be of interest to OACBS members. Please note, these trainings are not endorsed by OACBS and the information is simply provided as a convenience to members.

  • The Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS) Annual World Conference
    July 14-19 2015 (Berlin, Germany)
    Dr. Jason Luoma, OACBS member and President of the ACBS, would like to extend a special invitation to all OACBS members to join him at this year’s WorldCon in Berlin, Germany. For those who have not had the opportunity to attend a World Conference, these aren’t your average professional conference! The ACBS World Conference brings together clinicians and researchers to present cutting-edge research in ACT, RFT, and Contextual Behavioral Science, as well as some of the world’s most experienced trainers to lead experiential workshops so that you can hone your skills and learn how to better serve your clients. This is the ACT and CBS-community’s big event, a time to not only expand your skills and knowledge, but also a chance to get to connect with this wonderful community. So please consider joining us this July in Berlin!

Member Spotlight

Paul GuintherPaul Guinther, Ph.D.
Portland, Oregon

What type of work do you do? I work as a clinical psychologist and psychology researcher. I am clinically specialized in using ACT to treat grief, panic, and mood disorders. My research projects include empirical investigations of Relational Frame Theory, perspective
taking, memory, shame, and experiential avoidance.

What got you interested in contextual behavioral science (ACT, FAP, RFT, etc.)? So much! I was very drawn to the philosophy of science and its pragmatic truth criterion. The constructional approach to values-based living really resonated with me, and I love the community and its integrity.

What is your favorite ACT metaphor? I like the metaphor of holding pain lightly, as physicalized by having clients experience alternately tightly squeezing or gently holding a little toy porcupine.

Name your top 3 values. Love; Beauty; Exploration

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I enjoy spending time with family and
getting outdoors for gardening, hiking, goofing off, and experiencing nature.

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Beatles, baby.

Anything else you would like to share? I love geeking out on RFT – let me know if you’d ever like to share ideas!

If you are interested in being in a future “Membership Spotlight,” please click here.

OACBS Member News

The journal “Current Opinion in Psychology” just published a special issue entirely focused on contextual behavioral science and the third wave behavior therapies. This issue is jam packed with some great ACT articles spanning a wide range of topics including stuff on RFT/basic science, values work in ACT, ACT in primary care, and ACT and poverty issues. And OACBS is well represented in the issue with two articles from our very own OACBS members: “Shame, self-criticism, self-stigma, and compassion in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” by Jason Luoma and Melissa Platt and “The clinical relevance of stimulus equivalence and relational frame theory in influencing the behavior of verbally competent adults” by Paul Guinther. The entire special issue is available free at this link.

New OACBS Members

Welcome to our new members! We look forward to your contributions to our chapter.

Greg Baron
Ekaterina Berezovaia
Jonathan Carraher
Irene Champagne
Donna Cohen
Tim Desmond
Chris Ferrante
Tamara Hughes
Samantha Kettle
Anita Linge
Heather Mackay
Gretchen Newmark
Meghan O’Neil
Francesca Peila
Bruce Ruttenburg
Jerry Ryan
Rachel Sol
Christopher Watson
Larissa Yoder