Board Member Position Descriptions

General responsibilities of all Board Members

  • Acts on behalf of the membership according to mission statement, goals and objectives, and strategic plan within parameters of the bylaws as a member of the board of directors.
  • Attends all scheduled board meetings. Participation on board listserv is also required.
  • Assists in orientation of new board members.
  • Identifies possible sources of financial support for the organization as appropriate opportunities arise.
  • Individual Board Members are not authorized to act independently for board of directors, OACBS, or ACBS. Only the President can speak for the Chapter.
  • Board members may be asked to be a liaison to a committee/task force. Responsibilities in this capacity are threefold; (1) Give appropriate reports at the board meetings, (2) Follow up with committee/task force chair to see that committee’s/task force’s charge is understood and undertaken, and (3) Represent the committee/task force when any board action (including requests for funding) is required.

Specific Position Descriptions


The President is a member of the Executive Committee. The President provides general supervision, direction and control of the business of OACBS, including but not limited to approving expenditures; appoints committee chairs in consultation with the OACBS Board; and presides over and schedules meetings of the board, the annual meeting/conference of the Chapter, and any special meetings that may be called. The President, after consultation with other Board members, shall prepare the agendas for said meetings. The President may make nominations for approval by the Board for committee chairs and any other appointive positions which must be filled except as otherwise stated. The President shall not hold any other position on the Board while in office. The President shall be responsible in all matters, stated or implied, that are related to the welfare, stature and proper operation of the Chapter. The President shall perform such other duties as are necessarily incident to the office of President or as may be prescribed by the Board.


The President-Elect is a member of the Executive Committee. In the case of the President being unable to complete her or his term, the President-Elect shall perform the duties of President for the remainder of the President’s term. The President-Elect performs such duties as from time to time may be requested by the President or by the Board of Directors. The President-Elect will act as the board contact for the appointed external “liaisons” who communicate information to the Board about other relevant associations. The President-Elect shall work as closely as possible with the President on all Executive matters.


The Past President is a member of the Executive Committee. In the President’s absence at any meeting, the Past President will preside.


The Secretary-Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee. The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for ensuring the effective management of the organization’s records. The Secretary-Treasurer is sufficiently familiar with legal documents (articles, by-laws, policies, etc.) to note applicability during meetings. The Secretary-Treasurer is also responsible for managing the finances and administration of fiscal matters of the Chapter. The Secretary-Treasurer provides annual budget reports to the Board for members’ approval. S/he ensures development and board review of financial policies and procedures and approves expenditures in concert with those policies and procedures.

Student Representative

The student representative functions as the primary intermediary and liaison between the OACBS student membership and the board. The student representative’s role is continuously developing based on student members’ needs and concerns. The student representative encourages student involvement in both OACBS and ACBS, surveys student members for input, and facilitates career and professional development opportunities within OACBS.

Specific Member at Large Responsibilities as Committee Liaison

In addition to the general responsibilities described above for all board members, the Member at Large is assigned to serve in the role of “board liaison” to any OACBS committees. Attending committee meetings in the role of board liaison does not confer voting privileges. The Member-at-Large is not authorized to act independently for board of directors or OACBS.

In the role of board liaison, the Member at Large has the following responsibilities:

  • Requests reports from Committee Chairs and presents reports to the board pertaining to assigned liaison committees. Assists committees in meeting reporting deadlines and serves to provide a flow of communication to and from the board to committees. Supports and encourages growth and development of committees and committee chairs. Assists in formulating goals and objectives for committees under her or him.
  • After each board meeting, the Member at Large 1) reviews board decisions affecting each committee and provides any relevant information to the committee chair, 2) reviews committee assignments and projects with the committee chair and follows up to assist and ensure specified action.
  • Attends assigned committee meetings. Discusses any committee budgets, including budget requests and appropriations, with the board at the annual meeting.