Find an ACT Therapist

If you’re interesting in finding an ACT therapist near you, we’ve provided instructions for searching below:

We are fortunate in Oregon to have a thriving ACT community. If you are interested in finding an ACT therapist in your area, we would encourage you to go to the website for the main organization for ACT therapists: the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS).

On the top of main page of the ACBS website, you’ll see a tab called “ACT.” Under there you will find a subheading for the “Find an ACT Therapist” page. You can search for nearby ACT therapists by entering your city, state, zip code, or address. If you don’t see an ACT therapist listed in your specific area, please consider contacting one of the other listed therapists in Oregon, as they may be able to offer other referral ideas for you.

Please note: there is no ACT certification or credentialing process. The list of therapists simply consists of individuals who self-identify as ACT therapists, and who have active memberships with ACBS. The therapists listed may have a wide range of exposure to and experience with ACT. We encourage you to check credentials and experience when looking for a potential therapist match. We cannot endorse and do not take responsibility for the individuals listed.

Find an ACT Therapist here.