November/December 2016

OACBS Projects/Board

In June, the chapter election of 4 new members to our 6-person board resulted in many transitions in responsibilities from previous board members. I am so grateful to all of our board members for their hard work to keep up the community built here in previous years, notably including the publication of our newsletters. Tim Wright has been thoughtfully curating relevant content, and the rest of the board has been eager to edit collaboratively. Melissa Soll has done a phenomenal job taking over responsibilities that were previously shared by two board member. Thanks to YK Jeong for sharing student perspectives, and to President-Elect Darin Bergen for his engagement with the board preparing for his new role in June. I want to share special thanks to Past-President Brian Thompson for being so willing to be our source for institutional memory. Thanks to you all for your contributions to our community.

C. David Maxey, President, Oregon Chapter

ACBS Updates and Listserv Nuggets

Women in the ACBS Community – Broadening the Conversation and, Hopefully, More…

Lucía Loureiro’s post prompted an important and hopefully fruitful discussion aimed at shedding light on current inequalities and fostering more diversity within the ACBS community.  From her original post:

“There is an issue I would like to bring up and hear (read) your opinions. It seems to me that even though women are the majority in this field (and in this community) men take the lead, and women seem more invisible.

1) I see a lot more posts in this list from men than women, and it seems women ask questions and men give «expert» answers, or promote their workshops, books, etc.

2) Whenever I go to a conference, more men are presenting workshops and lectures, and they take the lead spaces to do so.

3) You look at attendees at these events, and I can´t help but notice that most of the listeners are in fact women, so why are there so many men presenting?

4) Are more men writing books, doing research and presenting workshops than women? If this is so, what is the reason for this?

Are women choosing to take a step back? Or are we still constraint by cultural ideas on how women should behave or should «be» Do women need to wait to be given a space and men just go for it without waiting for approval?

I would love to hear your opinions. Do men notice that this is happening? How do the women in this community feel about this issue?”

See continued conversations in the links below, with a variety of comments, suggestions, and proposed action steps, such as changing bylaws of ACBS, supporting more diverse representation on the ACBS board, advice for the privileged, and much more. Inspired by the conversation, the ACBS diversity committee will be responding with their reflections and proposals in the near future.

Women in ACBS A concrete suggestion and call for action; Women in ACBS conference participation; Women in ACBS new thread; Women in ACBS another new thread;

ACBS World Conference 15, Seville, Spain

There’s an open call for submissions for ACBS Annual World Conference 15 in Seville, Spain, June 22-25, 2017. The submission deadline for papers, symposia, panel discussions, and workshops is February 15, 2017. The submission deadline for posters and Chapter/SIG meetings is March 15, 2017. The theme for this conference is Committed to Science. We hope you consider attending this year!

Favorite Research Articles of 2016:

Original post by Bartosz Kleszcz:

Sierra, M. A. et al. (2016). The role of common physical properties and augmental functions in the metaphor effect. “Brand new information about how to enhance the power of a metaphor.”

Ruiz, F. J. et al. (2016). Effect of a one session ACT protocol in disrupting negative repetitive thinking: A randomized multiple-baseline design.  “A 75-minute application of the new definition of psychological flexibility.”

From Shamell Brandon:

Villatte, J. L. et al. (2016). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy modules: Differential impact on treatment processes and outcomes. “I really appreciate the commitment to empirically inspecting if the theory is consistent with process and outcome data.”

From Matthieu Villatte:

“I’d say one of the pieces of research work I have most enjoyed discovering in 2016 was the work by Baljinder K. Sahdra on experiential attachment. She gave a keynote at the AZACBS conference titled “Beyond experiential avoidance: The dangers of experiential attachment and clinging to the positive”. Download slides here.

From Stuart Libman:

Atkins, P. & Styles, R. (2016). Measuring self and rules in what people say: Exploring whether self-discrimination Predicts Long-Term Well-being. “I/here/now am noticing these days that I am listening differently as a function of your work in all my clinical and consultative sessions.”

1 Million Views for Jonathan Bricker’s TEDx Talk on The Secret of Self-Control

Alternative Holiday Message

Posted by Fiona O’Neill: “This alternative Christmas message comes from Brendan Cox, whose wife Jo, a British Member of Parliament actively involved in speaking out against racial division and intolerance, was murdered in June leaving a constituency meeting by a man shouting “Britain First”.

I post it here because it is for me such a powerful example of committed action in the face of adversity in so many ways which seems so apt as we come to the close of a truly difficult year for our human community.”

Upcoming Professional Training

The opportunities listed below may be of interest to OACBS members. Please note, these events are not necessarily endorsed by OACBS and the information is simply provided as a convenience to members. If you know of any CBS-related training events in our area that you’d like announced in the next newsletter, please e-mail that information to Member At Large, Tim Wright.

February 2017

ACT with Compassion (Day 1): An Introduction to Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Highly Self-critical and Shame Prone Clients – Led by Jason Luoma, Jenna LeJeune, and Melissa Platt

Invitation to an Online Professional Wellness Retreat by Kelly Koerner

“We’re hosting a unique online retreat to improve professional well-being, combining… restorative practices and measurement-based care…

Inspiring guest instructors from ACBS, DBT and mindfulness-based and compassion-focused therapy communities, will guide a process of reflection, design, and action to help us build a path to more sustainable professional wellbeing.”

OACBS Member News

Free Therapeutic Yoga

The Pacific Psychology and Comprehensive Health Clinics in Portland and Hillsboro are offering FREE therapeutic yoga groups starting mid-January. The no-cost groups are run as closed therapeutic yoga groups for 10 weeks at a time, three times per year (returners are more than welcome). These yoga classes are a wonderful opportunity to ameliorate stress and engage in self-care. The classes emphasize mindfulness practice and increasing interoceptive awareness through yoga philosophy, asana, and guided meditation.

The Hillsboro Clinic is on Pacific’s Hillsboro campus, at 222 SE 8th Ave, Suite 212. We are currently taking referrals for two groups: Mondays 5:30-7pm and Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm. More classes may be added as needed. For more information or to enroll in the group, please call (503) 352-7333 Ext. 8150 with a name and number we can call back.

The Portland Clinic is downtown at 1411 SW Morrison St, Suite 310. We are currently taking referrals for two groups: Mondays 6-7:30pm and Wednesdays 6-7:30pm. More classes may be added as needed. For more information or to enroll in the group, please call (503) 352- 2400 Ext. 8140 with a name and number we can call back.

New Community Group – Live with Awareness, Courage and Love

Magda Permut is sharing a brand new community group she is running. It is called Live with Awareness, Courage, and Love, and it is based on the Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) model designed by Mavis Tsai and Bob Kohlenberg at the University of Washington.

It is designed to help us build deeper, more truthful, and genuine relationships with ourselves and others. I believe that in these divided times, we need this kind of connection more than ever.

Portland Live with Awareness, Courage and Love Meetup

Portland, OR
138 Members

If you want to connect more authentically with yourself and with others, and to create a more meaningful and passionate life, this meetup based on the Awareness, Courage and L…

Check out this Meetup Group →

New Mindfulness Group Offering in Hood River

From Scott Rower: “I’d be happy to share that since moving to Hood River (from Portland) this year I started up a drop in weekly mindfulness class that has been surprisingly well attended and I finished the first level of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). I’m excited to be sharing mindfulness skills with my community :)”

The Hank Robb Corner 🙂

ACBS Fellow and Oregon Chapter member Hank Robb, has some additional offerings for our community.


Hank is also offering his “Values Based Consult” for the first three months of 2017. “Values Based” means you pay what you think it was worth. The consult in in West Lake Oswego near I-5 & 217 from 3:30 to 5:30 for the dates:  1/27, 3/3 and 3/24. Anyone interested contact: or 503 635-2489 (o)

New OACBS Members

Welcome to our newest OACBS members. We look forward to your participation in our community!

Sheryl Dunn Watson
Patrice Jacob
Kaylin Jones
Amy Joslin
Jason Loverti
Susan Merrick
Jeffrey Peyton
Calle Pierson
Gina Senan
Erika Shearer